Trading terms

Market hours: Hedging policy: Trading platform:
Mon 00:00 (GMT +3) to Fri 23:59 (GMT+3) Hedging is allowed except arbitraging strategies. MetaTrader 4
Execution policy: Spread policy: Margin Call:
All orders will be honored under normal market conditions. Spreads may not always be guaranteed. During the major news announcements and/or extremely volatile market conditions spreads may be expanded without any prior notification. Margin Call protects you from losing more money than you have on your account. You can find IFA FX Margin Call rules on our site.
Processing fees: Storage Fees:
IFA FX does not charge any payment processing fees. IFA FX allows clients to maintain open positions without imposing added charges, interest or other fees. On positions that remain open for periods greater than 10 calendar days a daily Storage fee will apply as listed on the table above. Additionally, for positions of EURTRY and USDTRY currency pairs the storage fee will apply from the 5th calendar day. Storage Fees.
Deposit currencies:
Your profit/loss will be calculated in the currency of your deposit and will be withdrawable in the same currency with no conversion fees. You may only withdraw in the currency your account was originally set up to use.
Order execution during market gaps and market opening:
During high and low levels of liquidity upon market opening after weekends, an hour before market closes, during National Bank Holidays and major Geopolitical and Economic News releases (publication of fundamental data, market intervention, speeches of significant persons in the economic environment, etc.), markets may become extremely volatile.
It is not uncommon to see the increase of Limit&Stop levels**, extension of spreads for trading instruments, price gaps and move in increments of 20, 30, or even more than 50 pips at a time.
Because of potential price gaps and changes in Limit&Stop levels and spreads, IFA FX Ltd. cannot guarantee fills during high/low liquidity of the market, news releases, and within 1-3 hours after the weekend opening. Any orders may be filled at the next available price and will not always be filled at the requested price or stop or with a set spread.
Trading precious metals:
Trading precious metals is available 5 days a week, from 1:00 server time to 23:00 server time from Mondays till Thursdays and from 1:00 to 00:00 server time on Fridays.
Attention: No orders can be opened or closed during maintenance period between the sessions, from 00:00 server time to 1:00 server time. Adjust your trading strategy accordingly.
  • IFA FX may disable specific EAs considered to be violating company risk management parameters. This is done at company’s sole discretion, without any prior notice.
  • Customer accounts will be subject to a monthly inactivity fee if no trading activity has occurred for a period of 60 days or more. Trading activity is defined as the opening and/or closing of a position or maintaining an open position during that period.
  • Limit & Stop level — the price range (in points) from the current market price within which it is not allowed to set Stop Loss, Take Profit, or pending orders.
  • All pending orders type will be deleted each Saturday.

Margin Call rules

Margin Call level: Warning at 99% for all accounts.

Stop Out level: Positions closed at 15% for all accounts.

Margin Call levels may be changed with prior notification if there is a necessity to do it.
Margin Call level is displayed as a percentage as follows: MC = Equity / Margin * 100%
Margin Call level is equal to equity: MC = Equity

If the current level is below Margin Call level, the account will receive an alert. If the level reaches a point lower than Stop Out level, the most unprofitable position will be closed on account quoted automatically. As for those positions quoted by a dealer, a request will be sent to the latter one to close the most unprofitable position (but dealer can close any other client’s position at the dealer’s discretion).

Storage Fees:

urrency pair  Minimum price fluctuation Used margin per 1 lot traded (at 1:100 leverage) Storage* per 1 lot traded
EURUSD 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
GBPUSD 0.00001 1000*GBPUSD rate N/A
USDJPY 0.001 1000 USD N/A
HKDJPY 0.001 1000/USDHKD rate N/A
USDCHF 0.00001 4000 USD N/A
EURGBP 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
EURCHF 0.00001 4000*EURUSD rate N/A
EURJPY 0.001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
GBPJPY 0.001 1000*GBPUSD rate N/A
USDCAD 0.00001 1000 USD N/A
EURCAD 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
AUDCAD 0.00001 1000*AUDUSD N/A
AUDNZD 0.00001 1000*AUDUSD N/A
GBPCHF 0.00001 4000*GBPUSD rate N/A
CHFJPY 0.001 4000/USDCHF rate N/A
CADJPY 0.001 1000/USDCAD rate N/A
CADCHF 0.00001 4000/USDCAD rate N/A
USDSGD 0.00001 1000 USD N/A
USDHKD 0.00001 1000 USD N/A
USDNOK 0.00001 1000 USD N/A
USDDKK 0.00001 1000 USD N/A
GBPCAD 0.00001 1000*GBPUSD rate N/A
USDSEK 0.00001 1000 USD N/A
EURHKD 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
EURSGD 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
EURDKK 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
NOKSEK 0.00001 1000/USDNOK rate N/A
EURSEK 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate N/A
CADSGD 0.00001 1000/USDCAD rate N/A
CHFSGD 0.00001 4000/USDCHF rate N/A
GBPSGD 0.00001 1000*GBPUSD rate N/A
SGDJPY 0.001 1000/USDSGD rate N/A
AUDUSD 0.00001 1000*AUDUSD 10 USD
AUDJPY 0.001 1000*AUDUSD 1000 JPY
EURAUD 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate 15 AUD
AUDCHF 0.00001 4000*AUDUSD 10 CHF
GBPAUD 0.00001 1000*GBPUSD rate 15 AUD
EURNZD 0.00001 1000*EURUSD rate 15 NZD
GBPNZD 0.00001 1000*GBPUSD rate 15 NZD
NZDJPY 0.001 1000*NZDUSD 1000 JPY
NZDUSD 0.00001 1000*NZDUSD 10 USD
NZDCHF 0.00001 4000*NZDUSD 10 CHF
NZDCAD 0.00001 1000*NZDUSD 10 CAD
USDTRY 0.00001 2000 USD 40 TRY
EURTRY 0.00001 2000*EURUSD rate 50 TRY
XAUUSD 0.001 100*XAUUSD price*2% N/A
XAGUSD 0.001 5000*XAGUSD price*2% N/A