Forex Trading

The Forex market (foreign exchange) is one of the most dynamic trading markets in existence and through technology is now accessible at your fingertips. IFA FX offers the popular Metatrader 4 platform allowing our clients to trade with the most liquid market in the world. By connecting clients’ trades directly to major liquidity providers we ensure the goals of our clients are in alignment with ours.

VIP Conditions for All Clients

Through one universal account type we offer the same competitive conditions to all of our clients ensuring equality irrespective of trade volume or deposit level. You may enter the Forex market with any amount and you can start trading any of the 40 Forex currency pairs with premium conditions immediately.

Competitive Spreads with No Commission

Starting from the major pairs such as EURUSD and USDJPY, IFA FX offers spreads from 0.8 of a pip and no commissions to ensure that all traders receive exclusive trading conditions and fast execution.  For minors and exotic pairs, IFA has selected Forex pairs with the highest demand and is pleased to be able to offer them with spreads that are competitive with the industry standard. Our goal is to be the lowest spread forex broker that does not charge commission.

Light Speed Market Execution

IFA FX believes fast market execution is a must for all your orders and an important factor to your trading success. That’s why we only enable market execution, which has been thoroughly tested and passes through all orders to our liquidity providers in less than one second. Regardless of your trading order size or volume, we aim to put a smile on your face with the speed of our platform.